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Itzala: budget blinds for roof windows

Itzala is a brand of the VELUX family, providing budget-friendly blinds and awnings for your roof windows. Itzala products are mass produced and the price therefore lower than many of the market’s alternatives. The quality, however, is among the best out there, with great durability, comfort and long guarantees.

Itzala is owned by VELUX and is produced using many of the same materials and processes as the main brand products. The blinds fit VELUX windows but some products can also be purchased for other roof window brands such as Fakro, LuXtra, Dakea, Dakstra and Rooflite.

Below, we cover some of the primary benefits of choosing Itzala blinds for your roof windows.

What Are Itzala Blinds?

Itzala blinds are available for almost every need. You can use the products in the living room, bedroom, home office, bathroom, kitchen or basically any other room, depending on your needs. Itzala offer:

Blackout roller blinds

Provide complete blackout in your room. Ideal for bedrooms. Blackout roller blinds run in side rails made of aluminium to ensure reliant operation and flexible positioning anywhere in the window.

No drill blackout roller blinds

Provide almost complete blackout. Is mounted without any drilling and damaging your windows. Perfect for temporary accommodation and rentals. When removed correctly, the blinds leave no trace of prior installation on the roof window frame.

Translucent roller blinds

Dim incoming daylight and decorate your roof windows. Great for living rooms and home offices. Itzala roller blinds can be positioned in three different positions based on your needs.

Anti-heat blinds

Block the sun’s rays before they hit your roof window, lowering indoor heating dramatically. Ideal for any room. Anti-heat blinds are mounted on the exterior of your roof window but is easily operated from inside the room.

Venetian blinds

Are stylish and moisture-resistant. A great choice for humid rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. With venetian blinds you can adjust the amount of daylight that is let in through the roof windows, using the clever dial on the top of the blind.

Key features and benefits

The key benefit of Itzala blinds is the low price and high-quality characteristics. The blinds match the quality of many of alternatives on the market, while keeping the price at a reasonable level. Each blind can be customized to match your exact needs and roof windows. You can configure the blinds for almost any size of roof window and choose between different colours to match your interior.

Adding a blind or anti-heat blind to your roof window allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a roof window to the fullest. A good quality blind will allow you to adjust incoming daylight exactly as you need it, whether that involves complete blackout in the room, dimming incoming daylight or reducing indoor heating on hot summer days.

Choose the right design

Each Itzala blind can be configured to match your home’s interior. Use our product page configurator to explore the configuration option for each type of Itzala blind.

Most types of Itzala interior blinds are available in four modern colours.

Installation and compatibility

Itzala blinds are easily installed on your roof windows. The blinds are delivered in a neat package including everything you need to complete installation, including an easy-to-use installation guide, guiding you step-by-step how to install the blinds professionally on your windows. Itzala blinds can be purchased for almost every size of VELUX roof window but can also, in some cases, be purchased for other roof window brands such as Fakto, Dakea, Dakstra and Rooflite.

Durability and maintenance

All Itzala blinds purchased on our webshop come with a two-year warranty. The blinds are produced using high-quality materials to ensure reliable operation and a long lifespan. Not much maintenance is needed. If in need of cleaning the blinds, a damp cloth can be used to remove any dirt.

About Itzala blinds

Itzala blinds are a great choice for your roof windows if you are looking for high-quality, reliable products at an affordable price. Itzala blinds are produced in Europe and come with a two-year warranty to ensure a long life of frequent usage.

Several blind types are sure to satisfy almost any need for any roof window. Whether you are looking for a blackout blind for the bedroom, an anti-heat blind for the living room, a temporary, drill-free blind for the rental apartment or a venetian blind for the kitchen.

Explore our selection of Itzala blinds and configure the blinds to match your roof windows and needs.

If you have any questions regarding Itzala products, please feel free to contact our customer service team for further information. We are more than happy to assist.