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Itzala Awning Blinds

Roof window blinds for VELUX windows

Itzala Awning Blinds

Itzala Awning Blinds

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  • Low cost value option
  • Blind with transparent black cloth
  • Reduces incoming daylight and controls heat
  • Ideal for living rooms and offices
  • Designed for VELUX manual roof windows only



      • Manual
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      • Black transparent net
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      Frequently asked questions

      • General information about the blinds
        • Can I combine an awning blind with other blinds

          Yes, the awning blind can be combined with any kind of interior blind for additional light control and comfort. You can also add an insect screen for an insect free environment. Please note that if you combine an awning blind with an interior solar powered blind, the ability of the interior blind's solar cells to recharge the batteries will be reduced or eliminated. Also note that electrically operated and solar powered blinds cannot be combined.

        • Is an awning blind the right solution for my room and needs?

          The main purpose of an awning blind is heat protection. It is an exterior blind that blocks the direct rays of the sun and can significantly reduce heat intake. The awning blinds are made from a weather resistant net fabric for long lasting performance. We recommend them for all rooms where you would like to reduce heat and increase comfort.

        • When should I select an Itzala awning blind?

          Even in winter, roof windows can become uncomfortably hot, but the Itzala awning blind overcomes this problem by shielding the glass from the outside. The awning blind reduces incoming heat significantly and stops the sun before it even hits the window pane. It also pleasantly diffuses the incoming light. The tough, glass fibre PVC coated awning is rot-proof and dirt resistant and can be used to dampen the noise of heavy rain before it hits the pane. When not in use, the awning is discreetly fitted and protected inside the hood of the window. The Itzala awning blind is available for VELUX roof windows. Please note, the Itzala awning blind isn't compatible with VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows (electrically operated roof windows).

      • Itzala vs. VELUX blinds
        • What is the most significant difference between Itzala and VELUX awning blinds?

          Itzala and VELUX awning blinds effectively reduces the heat intake in your room by reducing the amount of direct sunlight. They can also dampen the noise of rain. Both the VELUX and Itzala awning blinds are available in a black transparent net only - the VELUX awning allows 14% light transmittance.

          The VELUX awning is available in a manually operated version as well as a solar powered and electrically operated version both with remote control and stepless positioning. VELUX awning blind comes with a three-year guarantee.

          The Itzala awning blind is available with manual operation and with hooks only. Itzala awning blinds purchased through the online shop have a two-year guarantee.

        • Which blind should I choose if I have an out of reach window?

          If you have an out of reach window we recommend you choosing a VELUX blind. Note that Itzala blinds are not compatible with the extension pole for blind control - VELUX Rod (ZCT 200k).

      • Miscellaneous
        • What windows are your Itzala blinds compatible with?

          Itzala blinds are compatible with windows made by VELUX, FAKRO, RoofLITE, Dakstra, Keylite and Dakea. The Itzala awning blind however is only compatible with VELUX roof windows.


      Manual operation with hooks

      The manually operated Itzala awning blind with hooks can either be fully rolled down or up. To operate the awning simply open the window and rotate it 180 degrees. Then attach or detach the awning to the hooks on the ouside of the bottom sash. When closing the window, the awning will then automatically roll out or up. Once you have rolled the awning up or down, you can of course open and close the window as you please.


      4260 - Black
      4260 - Black

      Choose your blind

      Itzala roller, blackout and venetian blinds are available for VELUX, FAKRO, RoofLITE, Dakstra, Keylite roof windows (for Keylite size finder please click here), whereas Itzala awning blinds are available for VELUX roof windows only. If you wish to know whether the chosen Itzala blind is available for your roof window, please run through the steps below.

      Please note that there is no Rod available for Itzala blinds. In case the window is out of reach, genuine VELUX blinds with VELUX Rod (ZCT 200K) are recommended.

      Available Itzala blind colours: Blackout: 4208 white, 4219 light beige, 4212 dark blue; Roller: 4312 dark blue, 4319 light beige; Venetian: 4388 white.

      Step 1

      Select the manufacturer of your window

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      Select your window type and size

      Step 3

      Choose the colour you like

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