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VELUX Anti-heat Blackout Blinds

VELUX Anti-heat Blackout Blinds

VELUX Anti-heat Blackout Blinds

From £354.24 £432.00
  • Reduces heat by up to 90%
  • Total blackout around the clock
  • Reduces rain noise
  • Moderate insulation
  • DIY installation
  • Ideal for bedrooms
  • Can be combined with interior VELUX blinds
  • Solar powered
  • Made in the EU. Five-year warranty

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    • Solar



    Frequently asked questions

      • What are the benefits of VELUX anti-heat blackout blinds?

        A VELUX anti-heat blackout blind blocks intense sunlight and reduces up to 90% of the sun's heat before it reaches the window pane. The thermal protection blackout blind offers complete blackout, noise reduction and insulation. The fabric has light-repellent properties and is made from double-sided PVC-coated polyester, giving it impressive durability. This product works effectively as heat protection on sunny days and as a blackout blind to promote comfortable sleep all year round.

      • What options can I choose from?

        VELUX anti-heat blackout blinds are available in one colour and with solar-powered operation for maximum comfort.

      • How long do VELUX anti-heat blackout blinds last?

        VELUX anti-heat blackout blinds are designed with thermal protection and long-term durability in mind. The blackout fabric is reinforced with horizontal lacquered aluminium strips that contribute to increased weather resistance. The fabric has undergone extensive testing to ensure resistance to UV radiation and heat exposure, as well as to retain its shape and prevent the risk of creasing. The anti-heat blackout blinds are tested by opening and closing 10,000 times to ensure a long lifespan with reliable function. All VELUX blinds and shutters are covered by a three-year warranty.

      • How do I install a VELUX anti-heat blackout blind?

        VELUX anti-heat blackout blinds can be easily installed from inside the room. The manual and solar-powered options don't require wiring, making DIY installation even easier. The exterior blackout blind is one of the easiest to install as a DIY project among all VELUX exterior heat protection blinds..

      • Which roof windows does the VELUX anti-heat blackout blind fit?

        VELUX anti-heat blackout blinds fit perfectly with all VELUX roof windows. Select the right size using the 'Buy' button.


    VELUX soft shutter is remote controlled and solar powered. It is operated the pre-paired wall switch that is supplied with the shutter. 


    Transparent Semi-transparent Opaque Dimout Blackout All levels of transparency
    Available in durable, light-tight fabric with support bars and side rails in dark grey aluminium.

    VELUX anti-heat blackout blind for roof windows


    The VELUX anti-heat blackout blind is a roof window blind that effectively blocks strong sunlight and heat before they reach the window pane. This blind contributes to an undisturbed night's sleep by effectively blocking light and reducing noise for added peace and quiet. In addition, this VELUX sun blind also offers moderate insulation, making it easier to maintain the right temperature in your home regardless of weather conditions. This effective combination ensures a comfortable indoor temperature on hot days and a better night's sleep on warm nights - all at the touch of a button. 

    Use our handy configurator to get the perfect external blackout blind for your sloped windows. Start by selecting the type and dimensions of your VELUX tilt and turn windows - this information can be found on a small plate inside the window frame.

    VELUX solar blinds

    The VELUX solar-powered anti-heat blackout blind is easy to install and operate. The blind comes with a pre-paired wall switch. For added convenience, you can also control the blind on your smartphone with VELUX App Control or VELUX ACTIVE (both sold separately).

    Quick and simple DIY installation

    VELUX anti-heat blackout blinds fit perfectly with any VELUX roof light and can be easily installed from the inside. This makes installation quick and easy and is suitable as a do-it-yourself project. No wiring is required thanks to the blind's' solar-powered function, which makes installation extra uncomplicated. Plus, the elegant design integrates effortlessly with your roof, no matter what roofing material you have.