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Below you will find our selection of guides and articles on VELUX and Itzala blinds, shutters and accessories. Discover the benefits of our different products and get the guidance you need to choose the blinds and shutters that match your exact needs.

Why choose VELUX blackout blinds for your roof windows?

VELUX blackout blinds provide the best blackout on the market, completely darkening your room, making it an excellent choice for the bedroom or the kids' room. VELUX blackout blinds are available in a variety of different designs and sizes to match your exact needs. Read our blog on why to choose VELUX blackout blinds for your roof windows here.

Beat the Heat with VELUX: The Ultimate Guide to Exterior Heat Protection Solutions

VELUX heat protection products help keep your home cool and comfortable on the warmest summer days. Explore the benefits of the VELUX anti-heat blind and the VELUX anti-heat blackout blind to figure out which one best matches your needs. Read our article on VELUX heat protection products here.

New product: Itzala no drill blackout roller blinds for VELUX roof windows

Itzala no drill blackout roller blinds are ideal if you want to install a good blackout roller blind on your VELUX roof window without damaging the window. The blind is mounted using adhesive stickers. A high-quality product, perfect for temporary accommodation and rentals. Read much more here.

VELUX pleated blinds: a stylish addition to your roof windows

VELUX pleated blinds are stylish yet functional blinds for your roof windows. Transparent blinds dim incoming daylight and are great for decorating living rooms or home offices. Blackout energy pleated blinds provide complete blackout while improving your home's thermal insulation. Read about both products here.

Itzala blinds: budget blinds for roof windows

Itzala blinds are high-quality blinds for roof windows at an affordable price. Learn more about Itzala as a brand and discover the different products types that are offered, whether you need blackout, light-dimming or heat protection. Read more about Itzala blinds here.

Elevate your home with VELUX blinds

VELUX blind are considered the pinnacle of blinds for roof windows. The quality and functionality is in top and there are blind types to match any decor, room and need. Read this article to learn more about the different blind types and figure out why blinds from VELUX might be the right choice for you. Read more here.