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VELUX Anti-heat Blinds

VELUX anti-heat blinds for roof windows

VELUX Anti-heat Blinds

VELUX Anti-heat Blinds

From £44.93 £62.40
  • Reduces heat by up to 78% 
  • Controls the amount of light
  • Maintains full visibility
  • Recommended for all kinds of rooms
  • Can be combined with other VELUX blinds
  • Manual, electric or solar-powered
  • Made in the EU. Three-year warranty

  • Operations

    • Manual
    • Electric
    • Solar


    • Black transparent net

    Frequently asked questions

      • What are the benefits of VELUX anti-heat blinds?

        VELUX anti-heat blinds protect against strong sunlight and heat before it reaches the window. When the awning is pulled all the way down to the bottom of the frame, the semi-transparent material blocks the sun's direct rays, effectively reducing room heating by up to 78% while preserving your view. When not in use, the durable fabric is discreetly hidden in a cassette at the top. The awning can be placed anywhere in the window and can also be used when the window is open. VELUX anti-heat blinds are perfect for rooms where you want great heat protection, visibility and daylight simultaneously.

      • What options can I choose from?

        VELUX external blinds are available in one colour and with manual, electric or solar-powered operation for maximum comfort.

      • How long do VELUX anti-heat blinds last?

        VELUX anti-heat blinds for roof windows are designed and manufactured to the highest quality, so you can enjoy them for years to come. The blinds are tested by opening and closing 10,000 times to ensure a long lifespan with reliable operation. All VELUX blinds are covered by a three-year warranty.

      • How do I install VELUX anti-heat blinds?

        VELUX anti-heat blinds are one of the easiest to install of all VELUX external blinds and can be installed from inside the room by one person. The manual and solar-powered options don't require wiring, making installation even easier.

      • Which roof windows are VELUX anti-heat blinds suitable for?

        VELUX anti-heat blinds fit perfectly with all VELUX roof windows. Select the right size using the 'Buy' button.


    VELUX exterior anti heat blinds manual operation

    Manual with hooks

    Manual VELUX anti-heat blinds are easily operated by hand by opening the window, rotating it 180 degrees and attaching the blind to the two hooks on the exterior of the window frame. Anti-heat blinds can be placed in either fully open or fully closed position.

    VELUX electric blinds and shutters for roof windows


    Electric VELUX anti-heat blinds can be operated remotely from anywhere in the room using the included wall-switch. Compatible with VELUX Intelligent Home Control solutions for optimal comfort. Choose electric VELUX anti-heat blinds for your electric VELUX windows.

    VELUX automated blinds with solar power remote control


    Solar-powered VELUX anti-heat blinds can be operated remotely from anywhere in the room using the included wall-switch. Easy installation with no wiring. Compatible with VELUX Intelligent Home Control solutions for optimal comfort. Choose solar-powered VELUX awning blinds for your manual or solar-powered VELUX roof windows.


    Transparent Semi-transparent Opaque Dimout Blackout All levels of transparency
    5060 - Black
    5060 -
    5060 - Black
    5060 Black
    : Transparent

    Shutters for VELUX windows


    A VELUX anti-heat blind is an external sun protection for roof windows that is perfect for blocking strong sunlight and heat before they reach the window pane. Install the VELUX anti-heat blind outside your roof light and stop the sun's rays before they reach the window pane. This effective measure prevents heat from entering the room and protects against bright sunlight. The blind is discreetly stored away in the top box when not used.

    The main purpose of the anti-heat blind is indoor heat control. By placing VELUX sun blinds on the outside of roof windows, direct sun rays are blocked, significantly reducing the impact of heat. Our weather-resistant mesh fabric ensures long-lasting durability. Awnings are recommended for any room where you want to improve comfort and reduce space heating.

    Cheap shutter for VELUX windows

    Use our handy configurator to find the perfect and affordable shutter for your roof windows. Start by selecting the type and dimensions of your VELUX windows - the information can be found on a small plate inside the window frame. 

    Choose from several operating methods

    VELUX anti-heat blinds for VELUX windows are available with manual, electric or solar-powered operation. Manual blinds are easily operated via a control rod at the bottom. With electric or solar-powered operation, you can achieve instant heat protection at the touch of a button. You have complete control over the position of the blind and can easily adjust the light incidence as needed.

    Remote-controlled heat protection is recommended for windows that are out of reach, in a bay window or high up in an attic, and for windows where you often need to adjust the shading.

    In addition, you can combine your VELUX exterior heat protection products with other interior VELUX products for an optimal solution. For example, consider a VELUX blackout blind or insect screen to avoid insects when airing out your home.