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VELUX Anti-heat Blinds

Protect your room
from heat while
enjoying the view

VELUX Awning Blinds

VELUX Anti-heat Blinds

Protect your room
from heat while
enjoying the view

VELUX Anti-heat Blinds

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  • Blind with transparent cloth
  • Reduces heat 
  • Hard wearing fabric
  • Controls incoming daylight
  • Recommended for all types of rooms
  • Allows full visibility to the outside
  • High quality awning blind



      • Manual
      • Electric
      • Solar
      (see below)


      • Black transparent net
      (see below)

      Frequently asked questions

      • General information about the blinds
        • Can I combine an awning blind with other blinds

          Yes, the awning blind can be combined with any kind of interior blind for additional light control and comfort. You can also add an insect screen for an insect free environment. Please note that if you combine an awning blind with an interior solar powered blind, the ability of the interior blind's solar cells to recharge the batteries will be reduced or eliminated. Also note that electrically operated and solar powered blinds cannot be combined.

        • Is an awning blind the right solution for my room and needs?

          The main purpose of an awning blind is heat protection. It is an exterior blind that blocks the direct rays of the sun and can significantly reduce heat intake. The awning blinds are made from a weather resistant net fabric for long lasting performance. We recommend them for all rooms where you would like to reduce heat and increase comfort.

        • When should I select a VELUX awning blind?

          The VELUX awning blind is an external blind perfectly suited to stop strong sunlight and heat even before it hits the pane on your roof window. While not in use, the awning blind is discretely hidden in a top cover. When extended to the base of the sash, the semi-transparent fabric cuts out the direct rays of the sun and effectively reducing the heat in your room - still allowing visibility to the outside. The blind can also be used when the window is open. Awning blinds are therefore ideal for rooms where you want effective heat protection, view and daylight at the same time.

      • Remote controlled blinds
        • When should I select electrically operated blinds?

          VELUX electrically operated blinds are a perfect match for VELUX INTEGRA® electric roof windows and fit these perfectly. However, if you don't have an electrically operated window, but would like to install an electrically operated blind, you simply need to add a KUX 110 control system to your order as well. As the blind is remote controlled, this kind of blind is great for windows that are out of reach or where you expect to adjust the incoming light often.

          Please note that the electrical blind is supplied with a ready-to-use wall switch for fast and easy installation and operation.

        • When should I select solar powered blinds?

          VELUX solar powered blinds are a perfect match for VELUX manually operated roof windows and for VELUX INTEGRA® solar powered roof windows. As the blind comes with a remote control and has a battery that is charged by the sun, it is also ideal for windows that are hard to reach or where you want to adjust the incoming light often. No wiring needed.

        • What do I have to take into consideration when thinking of purchasing a non-manual VELUX blind?

          When thinking about purchasing a non-manual blind, there are a number of factors you may want to consider.

          1. Only genuine VELUX blinds are available with remote control operation. All Itzala blinds are manually operated.

          2. VELUX blinds are also available in an electrically operated or solar operated version. Both are very practical as they allow you to adjust the blinds placement with ease, putting complete daylight control right at your fingertips. Remote control blinds are highly recommended for windows that are out-of-reach, in an extension or high up in a loft, and for windows where you expect to adjust the position of the blind often.

          Electrically operated blinds are only suitable for VELUX INTEGRA® electric roof windows. Solar powered blinds fit all manually operated VELUX roof windows and also all solar powered VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows.

          Both types of blinds are remote controlled, but can, apart from the tilting feature on the electrically operated VELUX venetian blind, also be manually operated. The remote control for the electrically operated blind is battery powered. The solar powered blind is powered by an energy-saving, solar-rechargable battery, which is good for up to 600 operations even if there is no sun for recharging. Electrically operated blinds are also available with io-homecontrol® for intelligent features, such as scheduling.

          3. Non manual blinds are available in multiple versions. Blackout blinds and Roller blinds are available in electrically operated or solar powered versions. Venetian blinds only come in manually operated and electrically operated versions. Awning blinds are available in manually operated or solar powered versions. Pleated blinds are only available in a manually operated version. Both blinds are remote controlled, but can, apart from the tilting feature on the electrically operated VELUX venetian blind, also be manually operated.

          Please note that a ZOZ 228 installation kit is required for the installation of solar and electric operated awning blinds, for VELUX INTEGRA® windows produced before May 2000.


      Manual operation with hooks

      The manually operated VELUX awning blind with hooks can either be fully rolled down or up. To operate the awning simply open the window and rotate it 180 degrees. Then attach or detach the awning to the hooks on the ouside of the bottom sash. When closing the window, the awning will then automatically roll out or up. Once you have rolled the awning up or down, you can of course open and close the window as you please. Well suited for roof windows within reach.


      Transparent Semi-transparent Opaque Dimout Blackout All levels of transparency
      5060 - Black
      5060 -
      5060 - Black
      5060 Black
      : Transparent