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VELUX Insect Screens


VELUX insect screen for roof windows

VELUX Insect Screens


VELUX Insect Screens

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  • Keeps insects out
  • Transparent fabric lets daylight shine in
  • Suitable for all types of rooms
  • Can be combined with other VELUX products
  • High quality and 100% effective insect screen
  • Manual operation
  • Produced in the EU. Three-year warranty

  • Operations

    • Manual


    • Black net with transparent effect

      • What are the benefits of VELUX insect screens?

        VELUX insect screens bring fresh air into your home while keeping insects out. The net protects you from mosquitoes, wasps and bees while you enjoy the fresh air through your VELUX roof windows. It is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and home offices where you want to enjoy the fresh air without worrying about insects entering the room.

      • What options can I choose from?

        VELUX insect screens are available in one colour and with convenient manual operation. The net has a white lacquered aluminium frame (cassette and side rails) and is perfect for modern homes. The fine mesh structure lets you maintain the view through your VELUX roof windows even when the insect screen is used.

      • How long do VELUX insect screens last?

        The insect screen is made of durable fibreglass fabric, and side rails in white lacquered aluminium. This ensures optimal protection against insects such as mosquitoes and flies. All materials undergo extensive quality testing through advanced procedures, including tear resistance and overall functionality assessment. A three-year warranty covers VELUX insect screens.

      • How do I install a VELUX insect screen?

        The insect screen is easy to install on the inside of your VELUX window. While other blinds and accessories are mounted on the window sill, the insect screen is attached to the inner panel of the wall. This means you need to measure the hole in the roof and not the size of the window to choose the right size. Make sure the surface you mount the mesh on is even, as this will ensure a smooth installation. Because the insect screen is mounted on the wall, not the window, it can be combined with all VELUX interior blinds and exterior heat protection products.

      • Which roof windows are VELUX insect screens suitable for?

        VELUX insect screens fit almost all generations of VELUX roof windows. Select the right size using the 'Buy' button.



    VELUX insect screens are operated by hand using the operation bar at the bottom of the screen. Siderails ensure effortless operation. The insect screen can be placed in either fully open or fully closed position.


    Transparent Semi-transparent Opaque Dimout Blackout All levels of transparency
    0000 - Grey
    8888 -
    0000 - Grey
    0000 Grey
    : Transparent

    Insect screens for VELUX windows


    Achieve an effortless combination of natural ventilation and protection against insects with VELUX insect screens for roof windows. Our innovative solution works like a mosquito net, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air through your VELUX roof windows without worrying about mosquitoes, wasps or bees getting in.

    Our VELUX insect screens are made with carefully selected, high-quality materials. With a frame and side rails in white lacquered aluminium, you get an elegant aesthetic and a durable construction. The durable fibreglass fabric of the mesh protects against insects such as mosquitoes and wasps, while you can continue to admire the view through your VELUX windows.

    Find your VELUX window size 

    Use our handy configurator to find the perfect insect screen for your roof windows. Start by selecting the type and dimensions of your VELUX windows - all information is easily found on a small plate inside the window frame.

    Manual operation

    VELUX insect screens for roof windows are easy to operate with convenient manual handling. Using the white operation bar at the bottom, you can easily open or close the net as needed. This allows you to seamlessly adjust the ventilation and protection. The fine mesh structure provides optimal protection without compromising the view or natural light.

    The insect screen can be easily combined with all VELUX blinds and shutters.