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5 Tips for Keeping Your House Cool Without AC

Beating the heat can be a challenge during the summer months, especially when you don’t have air conditioning in your home. But there are many different ways to keep your house cool and comfortable in the absence of AC.

Here’s a look at some ideas for staying cool through the hottest months of the year:

1. Run a Dehumidifier

When air is full of moisture, it can feel hotter than it really is. This is why dry, desert-style heat feels more bearable than swampy, city heat. 

Dehumidifiers help by filtering and removing moisture particles from the air, so you feel more comfortable at the same temperature. 

In addition to creating the perception of heat, moist environments are more susceptible to dust bites, bacteria, and other airborne allergens. Dehumidifiers have the bonus effect of improving indoor air quality, which can sometimes be even more polluted than outdoors

2. Insulate Your Home

Many people only think of insulating their home during the winter months, however insulation is equally important during the summer. The idea behind insulation is to create an impenetrable barrier between indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Start by insulating your home the same way you would during the winter. Close off any unused rooms, and stuff blankets underneath the open space between the door and the floor. When heatwaves hit, you’ll also want to keep windows and doors closed. While it may seem counterintuitive, you don’t want to let in any of the hot outside air if you don’t have an air conditioning unit to reserve the heat. 

3. Upgrade in Insulated Blinds

Thermal blinds work just as well in the summer as they do in the winter. For example, VELUX blackout energy blinds are perfect for when you need maximum heat protection. 

These thermal blinds are made from a two-ply polyester cloth, imbedded with an aluminium honeycomb structure. The aluminium layer successfully stops heat, while the double pleated fabric prevents any daylight from entering. The result is a cool, dark space perfect for hiding out from the summer sun.  

4. Add Awning Blinds to Your Rooftop Windows

Awning blinds are the perfect solution when you want a minimal coverage window treatment but with adequate heat protection. Made from a sturdy, weather resistant net fabric, these blinds are  specifically designed to reduce incoming heat. 

Unlike traditional window fixtures, awning blinds fasten to the external side of the window, which blocks the sunlight before it even reaches the window pane. When roof windows are open, these blinds extend and hook to the outermost edge of the window, functioning as an awning. This allows you to effectively block incoming heat rays while maintaining air circulation in the absence of AC. 

5. Invest in Blackout Blinds

Anyone with blackout blinds in their bedroom  can attest that they are a gamechanger, especially during the summer months. They make it possible to fall asleep on the long, warm nights surrounding the solstice, and stay asleep when the light comes pouring through the windows in the morning. 

But most people have yet to consider adding blackout blinds to other rooms of their homes. Considering that the suns UV rays are at their strongest between 10am and 4pm, and that majority of the afternoon hours are spent outside the bedroom, it makes sense to add blackout blinds to other rooms as well. 

High quality blackout blinds, like the VELUX blackout blinds, not only block out light, but also curb heat penetration. Made from a dirt-resistant polyester with an aluminium coating on the back, these blinds deflect the sun rays to effectively prevent heat from entering. They can do wonders in the living room, den, or anywhere in the home that you want to keep cool. 

Preparing Your Home For Summer

From drinking hot beverages to wearing linens, the tips (and myths) about keeping cool in the heat are endless. However, the best way is to stay comfortable in the summer is to have a well-prepared home to come back to and retire from the heat. Well-made roof window blinds help make this possible. 

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