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Disney & VELUX Dream Collection

Disney & VELUX Dream Collection

Disney & VELUX Dream Collection

  • Disney and VELUX Goodnight Collection joins functionality and fun: a perfect blackout blind combined with the magical world of Disney’s characters
  • Blinds block out the light in your bedroom for better sleeping, day or night
  • Very popular for children’s rooms and bedrooms
  • Easy to install Pick&Click! ™ system
  • Hight quality blackout blind



• Manual
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• 18 Disney Designs
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  • General information about the blinds
    • Can I combine a blackout blind with other blinds?

      Yes, the blackout blind can also be combined with awning blinds for additional heat protection and insect screens for an insect free environment. However, please note that you cannot combine electrically operated and solar powered blinds.

    • Is a blackout blind the right solution for my room and needs?

      Blackout blinds are made of a lightproof fabric that effectively blocks out incoming light. They can help to ensure a good night's sleep or a restful nap during the day and are recommended for bedrooms and children's rooms. They are also perfect for home cinemas and guest rooms.

    • When should I select a VELUX blackout blind?

      The VELUX blackout blind is made specifically for original VELUX roof windows. It gives you 100% blackout both day and night and has a reflective aluminium coating on the back that reflects heat from the sun in summer while retaining heat in the winter. It can be positioned anywhere in the window and runs in a slim aluminium top and side channels that is painted black on the inside to prevent light from bleeding in around the edges. Blackout blinds are well suited for bedrooms, children rooms, home cinemas, and rooms where you feel annoyed by flickering street lamps, passing car lights, or simply want to control the light coming in, or reduce heat gain and heat loss.

  • Itzala vs. VELUX blinds
    • What is the most significant difference between Itzala and VELUX blackout blinds?

      VELUX blackout blinds are top quality blinds that offer 100% blackout – night or day, as well as effective heat protection. VELUX blackout blinds are made from a dirt-resistant polyester with a special aluminium coating on the back, that helps retain heat in the winter and reflect solar heat in the summer. They comes in a wide range of colours with or without patterns, and you can choose between a manual or remote control operated edition. The blind runs in slim top and side channels in aluminium and can be positioned anywhere in the window. The side channels are painted black on the inside to prevent light from passing in around the edges. The VELUX blackout blinds purchased through the VELUX online shop have a three-year guarantee.

      Itzala blackout blinds are quality blinds that can be offered at a lower price as they are manufactured in bulk. They offer almost complete darkness and are very easy to use. The fabric is a hardwearing, dirt-resistant combination of polyester and lightproof rubber. Itzala blinds come in three different colours. The blind fits into and slides in a slim aluminium frame that allows multi-positioning of the blind. Itzala blackout blinds purchased through the VELUX online shop have a two-year guarantee.

  • Installing a blind
    • What is the VELUX Pick&Click!™ system?

      The VELUX Pick&Click!™ system is a system of pre-installed brackets, that ease installation and help you achieve a perfect fit every time. Simply choose a blind and click it into place. VELUX blinds that are Pick&Click!™ compatible are blackout blinds, roller blinds, pleated blinds, and venetian blinds. Only VELUX windows offer the Pick&Click!™ system.

      If your window is an older model, it might not have these brackets. We always include an extra set of brackets for older windows when you order a blind. The brackets are also available to purchase as a spare part. If you wish to order these, please contact us at Itzala Customer Service. The brackets themselves are easy to install. Installation instructions are included.

    • How easy it is to install the blinds?

      VELUX blinds are very easy to install thanks to the unique Pick&Click!® system. Under each VELUX product description you will find an easy to follow installation guide, or you can go directly to the installation page, where you will find installation instructions for all the products listed and sold in the e-shop. The instructions are provided in PDF format and some products also have installation walk-through videos.


Manual operation with control bar and stepless positioning

The manually operated Disney and VELUX blackout blind with control bar runs in aluminium side channels to ensure a smooth operation with stepless positioning. They are well suited for roof windows within reach and are very easy to operate. Simply place your hand on the control bar at the bottom of the blind and raise or lower as you please. This blind can be installed in minutes with the VELUX unique Pick&Click!® system.


Transparent Semi-transparent Opaque Dimout Blackout All levels of transparency
© Disney. © Disney. Based on the "Winnie the Pooh" works by A. A. Milne and E. H. Shepard.