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Genuine VELUX Blinds

Itzala Best Value Blinds

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Itzala blinds for VELUX

We supply Itzala blinds for people who want a top quality blind at a lower price. We have a narrow range of the most popular colours, which we manufacture in bulk to keep the price low. We absolutely do not compromise on quality to keep the price low, and you will never be disappointed with an Itzala blind.

Itzala branded blinds are manufactured in purpose built factories in Hungary and the Czech Republic. Our factories all have ISO 9001 quality certification and ISO 14001 environmental certification. They are equipped with the most up to date machinery. We offer blinds for VELUX, FAKRO, RoofLITE, Dakstra, Keylite and Dakea roof windows.


Itzala Blackout Blinds for VELUX Roof Windows

Itzala Blackout Blinds are a low cost value option. They offer almost complete darkness and are very easy to use. This exceptional design has all the hallmarks of quality, in materials and operating simplicity.

  • Hardwearing, dirt-resistant combination of polyester and lightproof rubber fabric.
  • Fabric slides within a slim aluminium profile
  • Easy to use mechanism allows multi-positioning of the blind
  • Provides varying levels of brightness down to almost complete blackout
  • Comes in white, beige and dark blue

Itzala Roller Blinds for VELUX Roof Windows

IItzala Roller Blinds are a low cost value option. A narrower range of colours with tri-positional window clips. The Itzala Roller Blind option gives that ever-popular softly diffused light effect.

  • Robust roller mechanism
  • Polyester fabric for lasting durability.
  • Blind can be easily positioned at different points in the window.

Itzala Venetian Blinds for VELUX Roof Windows

Itzala Venetian Blinds are a great value blinds from Itzala. They are stylish and classic.

  • Neat cordless operation
  • Lacquered aluminium slats make it ideal for humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • A stylish way to gain total control of the amount and direction of light in a room
  • Comes in white

Itzala Awning (anti-heat) Blinds for VELUX Roof Windows

The Itzala awning blind reduces incoming heat significantly and stops the sun even before it hits the window pane.

  • Incoming light is pleasantly diffused by the tough, glass fibre PVC coated awning.
  • Rot proof and dirt resistant.
  • Discreetly fitted inside the hood of the window, so the blind is protected when not in use.
  • Itzala awning blinds can be used to dampen the noise of heavy rain before it hits the pane
  • Itzala awning blinds are designed specifically for use only with VELUX roof windows.
  • Comes with black net

Please note that the Itzala manual Awning blinds are not compatible with VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows (electrically operated roof windows).